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Simbu’s protest for Jallikattu

Simbu, who called for an urgent press meet on Wednesday, announced that he would stage a protest in front of his house in Chennai on Thursday evening, demanding the conduct of Jallikattu.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “Not as an actor, just a commoner born in Tamil, I was thinking how could I voice or help Tamil people who are suffering. Even I have my means to express my anger since I am an actor but what about a commoner who wants to express his feelings? Yeah, there are few means like protesting and hunger strike.”

He added: “I came to know about how a bull is brought up when I made a film called Silambattam. That is when I got to know the importance of Jallikattu. I have not addressed any issues before; maybe I was not so matured before. But I felt that if I don’t talk today, then when will I?”

“Heart bleeds to hear about the latthi charge on students supporting JalliKattu As a Tamil brother I am here for you. Can’t keep quiet anymore,” he added.

He urged Tamils to stage a ten minute silent protest wearing a black shirt outside their homes or wherever they are at 5 pm on Thursday in support of Jallikattu. He said he would do it in front of his house and dared the police to arrest him.


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