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Taramani – Review by Naveen

Tharam & Money
Taramani – Review)
How things are changing in the society due to various factors such as high paying jobs, work pressure and relationship troubles form the crux of ‘Taramani’, a film directed by Ram.
Though the movie was lying in the cans for few years, it looks fresh and relevant. Kudos to Ram for taking up a movie with a message.
But this time, he has carefully avoided the preachy tone. Rather, he has made the audience fall in love and feel for the characters they see on screen.
Altheya Johnson (Andrea Jeremiah) is the head of human resources department in a software company and earns big. On a rainy day, she meets a wanderer Prabhu (Vasanth Ravi).
They become friends slowly and Altheya shares with him her story- that she is a divorce and has a son. A relationship blossoms between the two.
But all is not well after some point of time, as their affair gets complicated and the two part ways. However, as days go, they realise the meaning of true love.
Wow, what a performance by Andrea! The actress has done a bold and beautiful portrayal of today’s woman. Vasanth Ravi too is apt for his role and delivers decent performance. Azhagamperumal and others are good.
Theni Eeshwar’s camera work and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music are two big supporters to Ram in his ‘Taramani’ trip. There are very few flaws and they can be overlooked. For, ‘Taramani’ is so close to reality and offers some solutions to the problems faced by many these days.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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