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Don’t abuse Shakthi, Julie: Oviya

With reports claiming that Shakthi and Julie, former contestants of ‘Bigg Boss’, facing the wrath of Oviya’s fans wherever they go, the ‘Kalavani’ actress has issued a video statement, asking her fans to stay calm.
“I know how it feels to be cornered, and I do not want my fans to do the same to either Julie or Shakti. As humans, we all tend to make mistakes and I am no exception. I am not perfect either, so please don’t corner them. In fact, I do not want fans who corner contestants like that,” she said.
While maintaining that she would not go to ‘Bigg Boss’ as participant again, she also said that she knows people might wonder why she is still stuck on Aarav, but she said that she will get her love back.
She explained that her hair cut was not part of any treatment, but to empower cancer patients. She also said she is going to act in many movies. “But don’t watch them for me,” she added.

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