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Kollywood, Anitha & NEET Friday Spl. Article by Naveen

Kollywood is in a state of agitation for the past one week, as many film personalities are up in arms against NEET, the national level entrance exam for medical admissions, following the suicide of topper Anitha of Ariyalur.
Besides visiting Ariyalur and paying last respects to Anitha, the tinsel town citizens also took part in a demonstration against NEET in Chennai. Also, they also took to the social media to air their agony.
According to superstar Rajinikanth, “What has happened to Anitha is extremely unfortunate. My heart goes out to all the pain and agony she would have undergone before taking this drastic step. My condolences to her family.”
Kamal Haasan said, “the girl, who lived with a medical dream, has been buried beneath. We have lost a good medico due to NEET.” Calling everyone to stay together, he added: “Those who had said that a good news will come (on NEET) have now disaappeared”.
Suriya, in a detailed column, flawed educational system in our country and suggested remedies to rectify the mistakes.
He that there should not be another suicide among the students’ community, everyone should join hands for the education of our kids.
Urging the government should listen to experts opinion, he said that one exam for the entire country is a violence.
“I’ve been seeing a lot of students who come up by doing part time jobs and on the other side, we have students who trained in reputed institutions and additional coaching. There shouldn’t be separate education for the rich and poor”, he added.
“Education must become state’s right. A lot of members of the Parliament are not aware of the issues in various states so things can’t be decided there,” he also said.
National award winning director Vetrimaran said, “the efforts of medical aspirant Anitha, who was found hanging from the ceiling of her house, should not be in vain and there should be a protest to ban NEET altogether.”
“India is a conglomeration of different states with various languages, tradition, and culture for each. How can a standard examination be the solution for such a multi-cultured nation? The psychology of education is all about how the society gets benefited from it,” he said.
“When we belong to a community and learn things that are no way related to our society, we live as unwanted entities inthat society. Given that, NEET is completely purposeless for anyone here,” he added.
Tamil Film Producers Council president and Nadigar Sangam general secretary Vishal said, “I came to know that sister Anitha has committed suicide, and I was shocked and hurt. She was the girl who went to court so that other students wouldn’t be affected like her. When I read about her in a weekly magazine, I was proud. But today, she has left me hurt. Politicians who think people will take whatever happens or they will forget it, should learn their lessons.”
Keerthy Suresh said, “Deeply saddening to realise, she couldn’t full fill her dreams despite attaining what she deserved! Lost a good human, a future saviour and most of all a woman power! My sincere request to the younger generation, ending one’s life is not the solution.”
RJ Balaji stated: “RIP Anitha.Poor students have to sacrifice their dreams and now life for the Irresponsible actions of uneligible,corrupt, shameless leaders.”
Sai Dhanshika said, “Iranthathu Anitha mattum alla avaludayaa Nambikai, arrivu athanaiyum kondru vitathu #Neet”.
Director Pa Ranjith said, “In a country with no justice where an entire generation’s dreams were destroyed, let your last-minute pain spread in the nation. #NEET.”

 By Naveen


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