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Neruppuda Review by Naveen

The fire within


– Review

Vikram Prabhu seems to have turned his attention to become a complete
action hero. For, after ‘Sathriyan’, here comes ‘Neruppuda’, an
action-filled film that tells the story of a bunch of youth who want
to become fire fighters.
Directed by Ashok Kumar, the film has its highs and lows, but delivers
what it promised. And the main reason is Vikram Prabhu, who has given
his hundred per cent to the movie. The script is another strength.
At a young age Guru (Vikram Prabhu) sees a team of fire fighters
putting out a fire in his locality.
Inspired by this, he too decides to become a firefighter and is joined
by four of his friends. This team ensures that they are present
whenever there is a fire in the area.
When everything seems to go smoothly, a day before their exam to join
the fire and rescue services department, one of Guru’s friend
accidentally kills a guy who turns out to be the friend of a don in
the city.
The don Pulianthope Ravi (Madhusudhan Rao) decides to take revenge for
his friend’s death and sets out to find the killer. Did Guru and his
friends escape the don to fulfil their dreams forms the rest of the
Nikki Galrani plays the ladylove of  Vikram Prabhu in the movie and has
very little scope to perform.
Director Ashok Kumar has chosen a solid story, however the screenplay
could have been crisp. The climax twist and the technical work in the
film are the major highlights.
Background music by Sean Roldan is another plus in the movie.
‘Neruppuda’ is yet another good story with an average screenplay, but
good overall.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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