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Thappu Thanda Review by Naveen

Right of wrong

Thappu Thanda

– Review

For a debutant director like Srikantan, ‘Thappu Thanda’ is a solid
visiting card to establish his identity in Kollywood.
The director, without any hurry, takes time to narrate his story and
establish the characters and motivations. He also provides a twist at
the half-way mark, which keeps the plot interesting. And the main
thing is, he does all these with confidence.
The story revolves around the robbery of money which a  politician
transfers to bribe public for votes.
Vetri (Sathyamurthi) joins the team of Guru (John Vijay), who does
small time robberies in the area and also provides training to
wannabe criminals.
Vetri is also the friend of Kaaliya (Athma), driver of former MLA
Karna (Mime Gopi). When Guru finds out that Karna is transferring a
huge amount to bribe voters, he befriends Kaaliya and plans to loot
the money.
Miller, a cunning police officer, is also after the money and he
conspires with Karna’s aide Thyagu (E Ramdas). Who among the two is
able to complete their task successfully and what happens after that
form the rest of the story.
Debutant Sathyamurthi has done a decent job but there is still room
for improvement. Mimme Gopi has understood his character and has
delivered it to perfection.
On the other hand John Vijay has a weak character to play and his
mannerisms look a bit repititive. Similarly Ajay Gosh who comes as the
police inspector in the movie also could have been given additional
scope for acting.
Debutant director Srikantan has maintained the movie interesting
without revealing the suspense till the second half.
The second half is better compared to the slower first half. Music by
Naren Balakumar and cinematography by A Vinod Bharathi are below
average and could have been better.
Editing by Raja Sethupathi is crisp. ‘Thappu Thanda’ is a watchable
movie with entertainment and humour.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen

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