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Valladesam Review by Naveen

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A week after the release of ‘Magalir Mattum’, a film which spoke about the power of women in a feel-good manner, here comes ‘Valladesam’, which conveys the same idea in a strong way.
Directed by NT Nantha, the movie is about a woman commando, the travails she undergoes to achieve the missions in her professional and personal lives.
Okay, without much ado, let us go into the story: Anu (Anu Haasan) is a commando and the team led by her (guided by Nasser) catches a bunch of terrorists. Investigations reveal that the ultras are planning to plant bombs in various parts of the country.
As it is found that the mastermind is international arms dealer David (David Yuvarajan) who is in London, Anu is sent to the United Kingdom on a secret mission to nab him.
There, even as Anu, the spy who is sent by the Indian army, takes efforts to decimate him, David’s henchmen wrongly understands that Anu’s husband as spy and kills him.
Also, they shoot at Anu and kidnap her only daughter Anjali (Akarshana). Now, it is the responsibility of Anu to get three things done- to take revenge for her husband’s death, to save her daughter and to safeguard her country.
Is she able to achieve her tasks? And what are the challenges the woman officer undergoes in her mission? You can find answers for these questions in ‘Valladesam’, which runs for 2 hours and 14 minutes.
Nantha needs to be appreciated for taking up a bold subject with good intentions. But the way he narrated the script and executed things are not that impressive.
Anu Haasan has delivered matured performance and she deserves kudos for the pains she must have underwent. Nasser is right choice for the army officer role.
Music by LV Muthukumaraswamy is commendable, while cinematography by Nantha (yes, the director) is superb. Had only he focused more on a gripping screenplay, which is a must for this genre, ‘Valladesam’ would have been far better.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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