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Bayama Irukku Review by Naveen

Eerie, but not scary

Bayama Irukku

– Review

Director P Jawahar seems to be on a mission to serve so many things in one single plate (or film)-  love, friendship, comedy, horror and message in one film. And the outcome is ‘Bayama Irukku’.
Starring Santhosh and Reshmi Menon in lead roles, the film, even as trying to entertain and scare us, says that the ones who love us really would stay with us, no matter whether they are alive or dead.
Jai (Santhosh) and Lekha (Reshmi Menon) get married after courtship and they stay in an individual house, that exists in the middle of a water body.
As Lekha gets pregnant, Jai leaves for Sri Lanka to bring her parents, so that they could take care of their daughter. But the conflict in the island nation forces Jai to stay there for four months.
He also learns that his in-laws are no more. On his way back to India, he finds Ajith (Rajendran), Shiva (Jeeva), Mani (Jagan) and Raj (Bharani) in the clutches of the Sri Lankan military.
He rescues them and bring them safely to India. As they enter Jai’s town, people there tell that Lekha is dead. But not ready to believe it, Jai goes to his house along with the four and finds Lekha welcoming them with a male baby.
However, eerie happenings in the place convince the friends that Lekha is long dead, and it is her ghost that they are interacting with. Now they decide to save Jai and rope in an exorcist (Kovai Sarala) for the purpose.
Performance by the hero and the heroine is apt, but the scene stealers are the comedy stars- Kovai Sarala (though in a cameo), Rajendran, Jeeva and Jagan.
Sathya’s music and Mahendran’s cinematography are two solid strengths of ‘Bayama Irukku’. The director, while focussing on so many things, has missed out the most important part- gripping narration.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

By Naveen

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