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Ippadai Vellum Review by Naveen

Winner is runner too

Ippadai Vellum

– Review

Yes, we mean the heading really, as we see Madhusudhanan (Udhayanidhi Stalin), the protagonist of ‘Ippadai Vellum’, running in many scenes to win his mission- to safeguard himself from a dangerous plot.
Directed by Gaurav Narayanan of ‘Thoonga Nagaram’ and ‘Sigaram Thodu’ fame, ‘Ippadai Vellum’ has Udhayanidhi, Manjima, Daniel Balaji, Radhika Sarathkumar, RK Suresh and Soori and let’s find out what the movie has to offer.
Madhusudhanan, who hails from Thiruvannamalai and son of a woman bus driver (Radhika Sarathkumar), works in Chennai. He is in love with Bhargavi (Manjima Mohan) and plans to marry her soon.
But Bhargavi’s brother Dheena (RK Suresh), an assistant commissioner of police, is against this romance. Then there is Kuzhandhaivelu (Suri), a dubbing artiste, who wants to be with his pregnant wife.
Madhusudhanan and Kuzhandhaivelu have a chance encounter with Chotta (Daniel Balaji), a most wanted terrorist who escapes from the prison to execute a serial bomb blast in Chennai city.
The two innocents are now chased by the police department as they suspect them as aides of Chotta. How Madhusudhanan comes out of the plot with his brainy ways is the crux of Ippadai Vellum.
From light-hearted entertainers, it’s a complete shift for Udhayanidhi and he has proved himself. Manjima Mohan once again establishes she can act well, while Soori has tried sentiment too. Suresh and Daniel Balaji are good, though we can’t avoid the feel that the former could have given more scope.
Richard M Nathan is the commander of ‘Ippadai’, as his lens do all the talking. D Imman’s music compliments well the flow of the story. Had the director avoided cliches and predictable scenes, ‘Ippadai Vellum’ would have emerged a big winner. But it’s not a loser now

Rating: 3.00 out of 5

By Naveen


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