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I am not insensitive: Rahman

A R Rahman has come out with a 19-minute music piece titled ‘The flying lotus’, which talks about “extraordinary praises” and the “inconvenience” that followed the demonetisation move last year.

In a Q & A session on Twitter, the Oscar-Grammy winner was asked whether artistes should react or stay away from reacting to issues around them.

And his reply was: “As an artiste, it will be insensitive to really say that I am immune to everything, and I don’t see everything. I could be on a separate universe but what inspires an artiste are human beings, people like you and to reflect that it’s very inevitable.”

He added: “You can’t just ignore anything, but at the same time if everybody reflects that, then (there will be) only chaos, and artists should have their own zone. So it’s always challenging… You know even from the past, painters, composers and artistes have always taken something which is raw and made it beautiful and that is my humble attempt in ‘The flying lotus’.”


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