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Kodiveeran – Review by Naveen

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Both M Sasikumar and Muthiah are known for rural entertainers on their individual merit and they had teamed up for ‘Kutti Puli’ a few years ago. Their second outing together, ‘Kodiveeran’, has hit the screens after hurdles and has the movie lived up to the expectations?
If you ask us about the premise, characters and how the southern rural culture of Tamil Nadu has been portrayed, full marks can be given to Muthiah, Sasikumar and other members of the team, especially cinematographer S R Kathir.
But if the question is about how good the overall product is, the answer is- things could have certainly been better. The main reasons are outdated screenplay and cliched narration.
The story is about Kodiveeran (Sasikumar), who is being viewed as demigod by villagers. His sister Parvathy (Sanusha) is the apple of Kodiveeran’s eye and he brings her up like a princess.
While Parvathy is married to Subash (Vidharth), a honest state government officer (RDO), Subash’s sister (Mahima) is in love with Kodiveeran.
When things appear to be going smooth, Subash, due to his honest ways, earns the wrath of many and one among them is cracker factory owner Arasangam (Inder Kumar).
He, along with his henchman brother-in-law Villangam (Pasupathy), a corrupt police officer (Boxer Dheena) and a local rowdy (Stalin), hatches plans against Subash. Interestingly, Villangam too is like Kodiveeran when it comes to loving his sister (Poorna).
With baddies forging a deadly partnership against Subash, it is up to Kodiveeran to ensure peace in the life of his sister.
Sasikumar is good and it’s cakewalk for him to do such a role. Actresses in Muthiah’s films always get extra mile and ‘Kodiveeran’ is no exception. Sanusha, Mahima and Poorna get good characters and perform well.
Pasupathi has delivered an impressive performance, while the rest of the cast is adequate. Kathir’s cinematography is one of the major attractions of the film, while N R Raghunanthan has delivered decent musical score.
Had only director Muthiah focused on delivering something new and novel, ‘Kodiveeran’ would have emerged a big winner. But still, the film has its own moments and will be loved by those who enjoy rural flicks.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

By Naveen

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