Kamal explains reasons behind his difficult tweets


The popular allegation against Kamal Haasan is that the words in his tweets are difficult to understand. The ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ himself has revealed the reason behind it.

At the Nadigar Sangam star night in Malaysia, he said, “Kids include ‘Ka’ in their Tamil words to make sure that others shouldn’t easily get the right meaning. Sometimes, it’s good that some people are not understanding what I meant to say on Twitter.”

Asked about his sudden entry into politics, Kamal said he never wanted to dive into the water but situations pushed him.

He added: “Despite getting old, I will not follow any religion and continue to be a rationalist. As a kid, my mom used to ask many astrologers about my future and all those experts told her that I would be useless. I proved them wrong and disappointed those astrologers.”


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