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First, Prabhu Deva was director to Hansika, when he launched her in Kollywood with ‘Engeyum Kadhal’. Then he became a producer for her film, by bankrolling ‘Bogan’.
And now, with ‘Gulebaghavali’ directed by Kalyan, the actor-choreographer-filmmaker has turned her onscreen hero. With such an interesting combination, ‘Gulebaghavali’ impresses us in most parts and disappoints in some scenes.
The story is mainly about four persons. Badhri (Prabhu Deva) is the right-handed man of Nambi (Mansoor Ali Khan) who smuggles idols. Viji (Hansika) commits petty crimes to meet her family needs. She does it by trapping rich men.
Masha (Revathy) is a smart and suave car thief who can steal any car she wants to. Munish (Ramadas) works for the Don (Anandaraj), whose relative is a Mexican realtor Sampath (Madhusudhan).
One day, Don comes to know about hidden treasure left by the British in a village called Gulebaghavali. He kidnaps Viji’s sister and holds her captive, asking Viji to get that treasure.
Now starts the journey of Viji, Badhri and Munish in search of the treasure. They are joined by Masha, who somehow manages to know the information.
Each one has their individual motive, but their collective mission keeps them move together. Are they able to achieve their mission or not is what Gulebaghavali is all about.
It seems age is waging a losing battle with Prabhu Deva, for the powerhouse of talent is still in his ‘Kadhalan’ form, even after more than two decades. Hansika, who was waiting for a break, gets it finally with an interesting role.
While everyone has chipped in with their best, the one artiste who walks away with all honours is Revathy. She simply shines in each and every scene with her quirky body language and terrific performance.
Songs by Vivek-Mervin are already hits and the background score too is good. R S Anandakumar’s cinematography adds more pep to the proceedings.
The beauty of humour is- certain jokes work for some and certain don’t. What works for one may not strike a chord with the other. For us in ‘Gulebaghavali’, there are many moments that are funny, and then there are some scenes that are unnecessarily penned and shot.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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