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Kalakalappu 2

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Director Sundar C, who is good at comedy movies, touched the peak in ‘Kalakalappu’, one can say. Now he has come up with the sequel to the movie, with a very long star cast.
While ‘Kalakalappu’ is set in the backdrop of semi-rural Kumbakonam, the second part happens in Varanasi (Kasi). The backdrop, the star cast and the comedy- everything gel well to make the movie a colourful fun-filled ride.
Now the story. Raghu (Jai) comes to Kasi to claim ownership for his ancestral property in the holy city. There, the building is run by Seenu (Jiiva) as a mansion.
While Raghu seeks the help of Aishu (Nikki Galrani), the tahsildar, she secretly helps her friend Seenu. However, as they meet too often, Raghu and Aishu fall in love.
In the meantime, Seenu falls for Hema (Catherine Tresa), who is the sister of his future brother-in-law (Sathish). When everything goes fine, Ganesh (Shiva), a petty thief, loots Rs five lakh each from Raghu and Seenu.
Also, a former Minister is cheated by an auditor. Since the latter is in Kasi, the Minister is hunting for him. What happens when all these characters meet at one point of time.
All the lead actors (the list is too big) have performed their respective roles and they have been given equal space by Sundar. Writing and execution are the major strengths of the director and they are visible in this flick too.
U K Senthilkumar’s cinematography and Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi’s music have helped Sundar in his mission to entertain the audience. Though the climax is not too good, the overall product is an enjoyable ride which will not make you regret. On the whole, it’s a paisa vasool movie.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

By Naveen


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