Boney Kapoor to make biopic on Sridevi?


Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, who conducted a prayer meeting in Chennai on Sunday evening for his wife Sridevi, who passed away in Dubai recnetly, is likely to make a biopic on her.

“Kapoor’s love for Sridevi was known to all and he wants to pay tributes to her with this biopic,” sources said.

It is learnt that he would soon be having talks with Sekhar Kapoor for the movie.

The ashes of Sridevi, the veteran actress who died in Dubai recently, were cremated in Chennai last week.

Boney Kapoor, along with his daughters Jhanvi and Khushi, immersed the ashes after performing rites at the sea at Injambakkam, located close to their farmhouse on East Coast Road.

There were initially plans to immerse the ashes in Rameswaram, but it was later decided to do it in Chennai itself.


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