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Uriyadi 2  – Movie review by Naveen

Prevention is better than…

Uriyadi 2 


Almost a year after protests in Thoothukudi which snatched away some precious lives, ‘Uriyadi 2’, directed by Vijay Kumar and produced by Suriya, is here to tell the tale of a factory that is harmful to the locality.
The film’s success lies in its detailing. Though we can’t avoid feeling like watching a documentary in a few scenes, efforts of Vijay Kumar and his in-depth research certainly deserve praises.
Lenin Vijay (Vijay Kumar) is a chemical engineering graduate who is waiting for job and spends time with his group of friends. With some recommendation, he joins a pesticides factory in the locality.
Though the manufacturing unit is banned in the United Kingdom, it is allowed to function here due to political support. Soon after joining the factory, Lenin finds that MIC (Methyl Isocyanide) leaks from the plant.
Soon, a couple of incidents happen and one of them takes away the life of Lenin’s own friend. Lenin, along with his girlfriend Isai Vaani (Vismaya), starts spreading awareness about the plant.
Though he seeks the attention of the factory’s owner, people and politicians that a disaster is waiting, no one listens to him. Finally, poisonous gas leaks from the factory and kills hundreds of people.
Lenin now becomes an activist and politician. He starts a war against wicked politicians and greedy businessmen. Does he emerge success or not is what Uriyadi all about.
Vijay Kumar has once again proved that he can shine in both trades- acting and direction. Though he takes certain cinematic liberties towards the climax, he has won in his task.
Music by Govind Vasantha is one of the important highlights of the movie. The ’96’ composer once again touches our heart. With good production values, sharp dialogues and crisp scenes, ‘Uriyadi 2’ may win the hearts of those who care for people and environment.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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