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We knew Pavel Navageethan as an actor thanks to films such as ‘Madras’ and ‘Vada Chennai’. So, when he said he would make his directorial debut with ‘V1’, expectations ran high.

The film, which is an investigative thriller, is finally here and we must say it is good in parts. Things begin on a highly promising note, but we lose way somewhere in the middle, thanks to potholes, sorry loopholes, filled script.

Agni (Ram Arun Castro) is a police officer. But the sudden death of his wife and his nyctophobia condition make him to take up the job of forensic trainer.

However, his colleague and good friend Luna (Vishnupriya Pillai) brings him back to police department and both start investigating the murder of a young girl.

The victim was in a live-in relationship with a guy and another man was after her. Multiple characters narrate their side of the story about the conflict between the murdered girl and her live-in partner.

As expected, Agni and Luna begin their probe with the girl’s partner, but the course of investigation takes them through various twists and turns. Who is the murderer? What is the motive?

Ram Arun Castro and Vishnupriya Pillai try to do justice to their characters, while technically, the film average, perhaps due to budget constraints.

Director Pavel has showed promise in the initial scenes, but the interesting plot goes haywire due to poor execution. But he has that potential and we hope he would make it big in his second directorial.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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