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Don’t breathe movie Press Release & Trailer Links


Don’t Breathe – First International Trailer


Sony Pictures ‘MIRATTUM IRUTTU ‘ – Official HD trailer. (DON’T BREATHE ) Releasing on 2nd September


Stephen Lang leads the way in showing how far one can go to get into the skin of the character!

Acting is not just about feeling the character, but also getting into its skin, bringing a sense of realism and horror that audiences can identify with. Ace actor, Stephen Lang, goes an extra mile to add authenticity and nail the character of a blind man in his upcoming horror thriller, ‘Don’t Breathe’. 

He essays the role of a former member of the US military who loses his eyesight to shrapnel. To get the character as close as possible to reality, Lang wore special contact lenses that not only made his eyes look clouded over, but also prevented him from actually being able to see clearly.

The nature of his blindness is war wound; it’s shrapnel that shredded the eye. So it’s not just being born blind. It’s not a normal eye. They’ve been ripped up a bit. As fine an actor as I am … I can’t do that. So you create the lens. But I think we conferred about it and they did a very smart, canny job of it. It’s not that sort of zombie-like or white horror lens that you’ll see. They’re lenses that you can see the eye has been sort of messed up, but not jarringly.” says Stephen.

When asked Lang about how much he could see, he said that “cuts it down to just shadows.” Only an actor of Lang’s caliber could carry this experiment of depicting realism and horror with such élan and ease.

Watch Don’t Breathe, releasing September 2nd in cinemas near you



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