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News7tamil new program Arrivu Kozhundhu write up and Images

News7tamil New Program Arrivu Kozhundhu

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 (Every Sunday’s at 9.00a.m and 5.00p.m)

 We News7 Tamil channel produce a special program titled “Arivu Kozhundhu”which is to enrich the public with the knowledge about the history of familiar tamil words and also to provide knowledge about “Thirukural”. Our program splits into three different segments namely Tanglishum sutha tamilum, Varthaiyum varalarum and Kural amudhu.

 In our modern lifestyle the dominance of English words over general conversational tamil has been increasing, to bring the awareness about the knowledge of tamil we have our “Tanglishum sutha tamilum” segment whereas in “Varthaiyum varalarum” we bring out the historic background hidden behind familiar tamil words and their heritage. Mainly every tamil literature is written and focused over the tamizh people outstanding from this culture of writing “Thirukural” is the only tamil literature which can adapted for worldwide audience. As the modern culture evolves even we often fail to revive the importance of thirukural, to break this barrier of time change in people we focus it from the youths in colleges and our enthusiastic anchor’s carries this show in a way that every students participated with much interest.

 We have established our show interactions in Aadhi college of engineering, Apollo college and many colleges around Chennai, in future we are about to discover many more students around Tamilnadu. In simple Arivu kozhundhu is a youth based informative oriented entertaining program which is telecasted on every Sunday’s at 9.00a.m and 5.00p.m in News7tamil Channel.

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