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Doodle Monk In Teachers Day & Vinayakar Chathurthi What’s App Dialogue Stickers

Doodle Monk In Teachers Day Stickers

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Doodles are the simple and impressive art works with a unique flavor of interesting elements in it. Simple things always make life beautiful. A little smile is what needed to spread happiness.


Monks are known to have complete mastery over their thoughts. By simplifying their thoughts monks unravel the complexities in life.


DoodleMonk is the perfect blend of doodle’s fun and monk’s immaculate simplicity.

Art withstand the test of time and continue to instill inspiration in us. Like a kid’s drawing that opens a whole new world of imagination and makes us smile at even a gigantic monster, all my doodled artefacts aim at making your day cheerful.

Make all your important moments in life special by gifting unique DoodleMonk artefacts to your friends and relatives. Join hands with DoodleMonk and be a part of our journey to spread happiness.

                                                                                          #SPREAD LOVE

with love

S.Srirama Santhosh

Artist & Founder

Doodle Monk

+91 9840551331

About Me

I’m Sriram Santhosh, a multi-faceted artist from Chenna, with expertise in painting, Doodle artist, photography and cinematography.

After finishing my post-graduation in fine arts, I started my career as a Cinematographer. I joined as Assistant Cinematographer with PC Sreeram, the acclaimed Cinematographer in India. I worked with PC Sreeram for over seven years, during which I was part of multiple movie projects, including Tamil, Hindi and Telugu movies.

As an independent cinematographer, I worked in two Tamil movies – the critically-acclaimed, Kallapadam and the upcoming movie, Varuna. I have also done commercials for leading companies in Tamil Nadu.

Art has been my passion since childhood and I have been conducting painting and photography exhibitions regularly. My interest in doodling has led me to start DoodleMonk that displays an extensive collection of doodled artefacts.

To make the Madras Day unique and memorable, I have specially created doodles with the theme Namma Madras to invoke the real spirit of Chennai and Chennaites. All the Namma Madras doodles are impressively used in a wide range of artefacts ranging from art prints, bookmarks, mugs, magnets, notebooks, posters to t-shirts.

I would really appreciate if you could provide the required coverage for my efforts in your esteemed publication to encourage my efforts to make the Madras Day memorable for all of us.

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