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Hero is the villain – Friday Spl. Article by Naveen


‘Iru Mugan’, which has just hit the screens, has Vikram as hero and Vikram as villain. Though this idea is not totally new, it is not an often used one in Tamil cinema.

In the past, there were some films which had the same actor as protagonist and antagonist. In fact, the trend actually started some decades back, when MGR did ‘Kudiyirundha Koil’ and ‘Aasai Mugam’ and Sivaji Ganesan played hero-villain in ‘Uthamaputhiran’. This week, let us have a look at few of those movies.


Who could forget the terrific performance of Superstar Rajinikanth as Vaseegaran, the scientist, and Chitti, the robot?

The story revolves around the struggle of scientist Dr Vaseegaran to control his creation, an android named Chitti, after Chitti’s software is upgraded to give it the ability to comprehend and exhibit human emotions.

The project backfires when the robot falls in love with the scientist’s girlfriend Sana (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), and is manipulated by Bohra (Denzongpa), a rival scientist, into becoming homicidal.


When he was an up and coming actor, Ajith boldly took the risk of playing hero and villain, in ‘Vaali’. It tells the story of Deva and Shiva, two look-alike siblings.

Deva, the elder, is deaf and mute. But he is a genius, an expert at lip-reading and the head of a successful advertising company. Shiva loves and trusts his brother. Priya (Simran) wants to marry only someone who is an ex-smoker, an ex-drunkard and ditched by a girl but still pining for her.

Learning this, Shiva invents an old romance between him and Sona (Jyothika) and finds his way into Priya’s heart. Deva meanwhile chances upon Priya and lusts for her. His obsession continues even after his younger brother gets married to the girl of his dreams and he devises various means of getting close to Priya and keeping Shiva and her separated.


This Vijay starrer film revolved around an excelling athlete who has the ability to predict future events. With his unique ability, he identifies several future events, including the attempted murder of his lover by a look-alike

Guru Moorthy (Vijay) is an MBA student and is an athlete, while Abinaya (Shriya) is the daughter of a rich businessman Anand Chelliah (Ashish Vidyarthi). Both fall for each other.

Suddenly, Guru visualizes a few bizarre incidents which also occur sometime later. Guru consults a psychiatrist and he says that Guru suffers from a syndrome called extra sensory perception (ESP).

One day, Guru dreams of stabbing Abi and gets frightened that Abi will be killed by himself someday. So he decides to stay away from Abi for a few days and leaves without informing anyone. During the train journey, he sees Prasad (also Vijay) getting down in a station. Now Guru believes that it would be Prasad, a look alike of Guru, who will stab Abi


This science fiction Suriya starrer is about Dr Sethuraman (Suriya), a reputed scientist and watchmaker who lives with his wife Priya (Nithya Menen) and newborn son Mani in a mansion with a laboratory.

In January 1990, he invents a watch using which a person can travel back and forth in time for a maximum of 24 hours. His evil twin brother Athreya (Suriya) tries to take the watch and kills Priya in the process.

Sethuraman escapes with Mani and boards a train. Before Athreya arrives, he hands Mani to a passenger named Sathyabama (Saranya Ponvannan) and pleads her to save his son. Athreya kills Sethuraman and is seriously injured in an attempt to escape.

26 years later, Mani (Suriya) becomes a watchmaker who considers Sathyabama as his biological mother. A paralysed Athreya wakes up from coma and decides to find the watch.

By Naveen


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