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Sathyabama University’s 25th convocation was held at the University auditorium on 16th September 2016 with the divine blessings of Colonel.Dr.Jeppiaar, Founder Chancellor of the University. More than 3000 students received their degree during this milestone occasion. Tmt. Remibai Jeppiaar, Chancellor of the University presided the function.

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, Outstanding Scientist and Director Shri.R.S.Sundar, was the Chief Guest for this convocation. He awarded the Degrees to the graduands and delivered the convocation address. In this convocation 2659 undergraduates, 455 postgraduate students, 95 Bachelor of Dental Surgery and 123 Ph.D scholars received their degrees. Among them, 36 meritorious students were bestowed with the gold medals for their outstanding performance in academics, research and publications.

Shri. Sarat Kumar Acharya, Chairman and Managing Director of NLC India Ltd., (in the field of Human Resource Policy implementation) and Ms.Ranjini Manian, Managing Director, Global Adjustments (for Cross Cultural Services) were awarded the honorary degree by the University in recognition for their conscientious work in their respective fields.

Respecting and following the vision of the Founder Chancellor of the University in the research arena, Directors Dr. Marie Johnson and Dr. Mariazeena Johnson instituted “Col. Dr. Jeppiaar Award for Excellence in Research” to encourage innovative practices in research. Dr.T.Stalin Dhas, Scientist-B, Centre for ocean research, was awarded this remarkable award for the first time with a memento, for his commendable research in nanotechnology for biomedical applications.

Sathyabama University marked a milestone in the history by launching its satellite “sathyabamsat” on June 22nd 2016, the dream project and vision of our Founder Chancellor. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi congratulated the young scientist of this university for the initiative taken and appreciated the successful launch of the Nano satellite. He also mentioned about this satellite launch in his “MANN KI BAAT”.

The University also celebrated its success with 90.28 % of placement for the academic year 2015-2016. The top recruiters namely Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, Oracle, Tech Mahindra, Cap gemini, Oracle, Virtusa, Payoda, RBS and many other prestigious companies recruited students from the Sathyabama University. Out of 1812 registered students, 1636 students were placed by the top recruiters. Mr.V.S.Achuth Chandrasekhar, a student of Mechanical & Production department has been selected by Indian Navy with the highest salary package. All the new graduands are appreciated by the Management and Staff of Sathyabama University.

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