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Eerie thrillers are the flavour of the season and Trisha is not new to the genre, thanks to ‘Aranmanai 2’. But ‘Nayaki’ is not certainly the one to rejoice, as the film tests our patience and intelligence.
There is hardly any scene that gives us that edge of the seat moment, which is a must for eerie flicks. And comedy too fails to work. What more? The flasback portion is a big let down.
Sanjay (Satyam Rajesh) is an aspiring filmmaker and a promiscuous man. While planning to marry a rich woman, he takes his girlfriend Sandhya (Sushma Raj, decent) to a farmhouse with wrong intentions.
The place is haunted by the ghost of one Gayathri (Trisha), who wanted to become an actress but was ‘destroyed’ by a wicked man (Ganesh Venkatraman, reminding us Sathyajith of ’16 Vayadhinile’). Gayathri teaches a fitting lesson to Sanjay, as she can not tolerate men who cheat women.
Trisha has certainly made a wrong decision by doing this film. But we can say she has compensated it by announcing that she would not promote ‘Nayaki’.
Ganesh Venkatraman, Brahmanandam and Sendrayan have performed well, while Sushma Raj too is good. But everything goes waste, due to such a slipshod script.
Rating: 2 out of 5

By Naveen


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