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Samantha wants ‘meaningful roles’

Actress Samantha who was last in ’24’ with Suriya, has only one film in hand- the project with Sivakarthikeyan. The reason for this being, the ‘Kaththi’ star has rejected several movie offers.

To put an end to rumours that she has taken this decision in lieu of her marriage, Samantha on Sunday took to social media.

She posted- “Realising just how hard it is to get a meaningful role for a heroine in the south. #timeforchange  #nowornever. I haven’t signed as many films as I’d like to. Only and only because there are no good roles. As disheartening as it is to say”.

It may be noted that the young actress had recently stated that, after starring in performance-oriented movies like ‘Theri’, ’24’ and ‘A Aa’, she is willing to experiment with roles, and that she would not be taking up characters that do not make an impact.

On the other hand, her alleged beau Telugu actor Naga Chaitanya has clarified that he shall enter wedlock in 2017, sparking rumours that the couple might get engaged by the end of this year.


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